Matthew Kaplan Photography

Abortion Rights Rally & March - Chicago - July 2nd, 2022

F**k you SCOTUS! F**k you SCOTUS", chanted an angry crowd of abortion rights protestors on Saturday afternoon, with the avid approval of many bystanders, as they marched through the holiday streets of Chicago, to the Bean in Millennium Park where a "die in" was held. Laying still as death for long minutes on the sunbaked pavement, the demonstrators illustrated for a throng of startled tourists, the future they see in store for women in the US since five Republican appointees of the Supreme Court nullified the 50 year old Roe V. Wade ruling, stripping women of their right to a safe and legal abortion.

Earlier in Federal Plaza, Patricia Wallin from El Salvador, who has lived in Chicago for 20 years, explained why she was there. "Women like me who come from countries where our human rights are already stepped on, come to this great country for our rights to be protected. When they take these rights away from women, in the most powerful nation in the world, the message they are sending for women across the world is that we don't matter and we are second class citizens. You being here is telling the world, and everyone who's going to watch us today is that we do not stand for this! We will not let that happen!"

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