Matthew Kaplan Photography

Breonna Taylor Protest - Chicago - September 23rd, 2020

Hours after a grand jury in Louisville opted not to charge any police officers with the murder of Breonna Taylor during a botched no-knock raid, crowds gathered throughout Chicago to protest what they saw as an unjust decision. Near police headquarters at 35th Street and Michigan Avenue, angry demonstrators were blocked from approaching the building by a wall of city dump trucks, with scores of police officers standing guard behind them.

"I am mad as hell that you can be a black woman sleeping in your bed and the police can kill you and the cops can walk!" one Black woman protestor yelled through the bull horn.

A young Black man referenced the police behind the dump truck barricade, "You can quit being a cop. I can't quit being black. 'Blue lives' is a job, black is for life!"

Other speakers excoriated Mayor Lori Lightfoot for what they see as her lack of action on police brutality in Chicago, and her solicitous attitude towards the Chicago Police Department: "Lori Lightfoot is a cop! We're on to her!" "We all shoulda not voted for Lori Lightfoot." "f*ck twelve and f*ck Lori Lightfoot!!"

As dusk fell the demonstrators began to march north on Indiana Avenue yelling Breonna Taylor's name, crying "no justice, no peace" and chanting "Lori can't stop the revolution! We are the revolution"

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