Matthew Kaplan Photography

Chicago's Women's March 2020 - October 17th, 2020 

Starting before noon with a short program under Calder's Flamingo, the protest marched down the street to gather under the Picasso for a second rally in Daley Plaza, before marching back for a closing  in Federal Plaza. Grief at the death of supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is still fresh, and the unprincipled rush to fill her seat before the election animated the demonstration, with a great urgency, towards the goal of voting the current administration out of office. Turnout was good, altough I've seen much bigger, and the energy level was high. On the march I heard these chants, among many others:

"Not the church! Not the state! WOMEN must control their fate!" "

We won't live in the Handmaid's Tale! Amy Barrett go to HELL!"

Back under the Calder at the protest's close, the group raised their fists and made a pledge including, "We refuse to accept a fascist America. Throw Trump out now!"

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