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Families March For Abortion Access - Chicago - July 4th, 2022

Hundreds of concerned citizens, including many parents with children, spent a large chunk of their Fourth of July demonstrating their outrage at the recent Supreme Court Dobbs decision, in which five Republican appointees decided that women in this country no longer have a constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion. Meeting on the south side at 38th Street and King Drive, the "March for Abortion Access" took to the streets without a police escort, blocking intersections, chanting for women's rights, and garnering many approving honks from passing motorists.

Sponsored by local groups, including Chicago Abortion Fund and Kido Chicago, the high turnout for this holiday-morning action reflects a rising anger throughout the Chicago area at the abject indifference to women's rights and health shown by the GOP-controlled high court in this decision.

"Restless and newly constituted" is how Obama appointee Justice Sotomayor, in a recent dissent, characterized the conservative court majority with its three Trump appointees, as they display an apparent eagerness to overturn settled law and disregard precedent.

To quote a sign I've seen at many rallies, "They won't stop with Roe". Expect more outrage to come.

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