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Pro-Abortion Rally at Second Unitarian Church - Chicago - 10/4/22

Two women vandalized Second Unitarian Church in the Lakeview neighborhood on August 24th, apparently provoked by a pro-abortion message the congregation displays to the public. A neighbor's cel phone video caught the pair throwing rocks at the building, breaking a stained glass window and damaging the sign case.

On Sunday, faith leaders from around the area gathered with members of the church and the community, to condemn the attack and express their dismay at the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision, which overturned 50 years of abortion rights in the country.

"Our voices echo louder than theirs!" proclaimed Rev. Jason Lydon, leader of the Second Unitarian Church, who presided over the noontime demonstration in front of an open street door.

Rabbi Brant Rosen, a friend to the congregation, proclaimed, "The supreme court ruling which struck down Roe v Wade was itself an act of violence... this is a war on women's bodies.. what we need is resistance, what we need is solidarity".

Expressing empathy for the perpetrators, Rev. Elizabeth Harding, of Second Unitarian, explained, "We believe that those women who caused the vandalism are people with worth and dignity. But how you choose to act, destroying a part of our church and our sign is not a life-giving choice."

"This is just the beginning of our rights being threatened," stated Sofia, a younger member of the congregation, "it's terrifying but we have the potential to make change, we just need to wake up."

Immediately following the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision in late June, the church put the slogan "We Support Abortion on Demand, Without Apology" in a message box along the sidewalk on Barry Street. Despite the recent vandalism, the words remain there on display.

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