Matthew Kaplan Photography

Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights Action - Chicago - 7/13/22 

It's been a hopeful sign to see hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of women and men marching through Chicago's busy streets over the last few weeks, irate and indignant over the Supreme Court's recent Dobbs decision, which stripped away the fifty year old constitutional right to a safe and legal abortion in this country.

Equally inspiring was following a handful of passionate protestors from RiseUp4AbortionRights on Wednesday evening, wearing green bandanas as they loudly chanted their way through the Loop. Without the support of vast numbers, they gained smiles and gestures of agreement from many of the folks passing by after work.

"F**k the courts and the legislators! Women are not incubators!" they repeated over and over.

"I love this!" cried a woman visiting from San Antonio who posed with a clenched fist when she saw the protestors and their signs. "We got a f**ked up governor in Texas!" she said while waiting to cross Adams Street with her husband, adding as the light changed, "Attorney General too!"

Personally I hope that spirit carries through into November's midterms. Marching in the streets is vital. Voting is too. The five "restless" Republican appointees on the Supreme Court won't likely stop at revoking women's reproduction rights. More is at stake. Elections matter. People need to vote.

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