Matthew Kaplan Photography

Bridges//Puentes "Abolish ICE" Protest & Mexican Independence Day Celebration - 9/20/20

Chicago - On a beautiful Sunday afternoon Bridges//Puentes: The Justice Collective of the Southeast spread their message that “No one is free until all are free” through a large swathe of Chicago’s industrial 10th Ward. Combining a celebration of Mexican Independence Day in the city’s oldest Mexican community, with a call to abolish ICE (the detested federal Immigration & Customs Enforcement agency), a slow moving caravan of flag waving cars, determined bicyclists, and one brave skateborder, trekked festively down Commercial Avenue from 86th to 106th Streets, and back up Ewing Avenue, to and through Calumet Park. After twice crossing the Calumet River the protest ride ended in a greenspace near 90th and S. Mackinaw where partcipants were encouraged to “smash ICE” metaphorically, with a hammer and a large block of real ice.

From Bridges//Puentes: "As the current presidency ignites the long history of anti-latinx racism in the USA we must focus on working together to ensure that this hate does not spread and that anti-migrant violence does not grow."

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