Matthew Kaplan Photography

Second Women's March in Chicago - January 20th, 2018

Chicago hosted another spectacular Women’s March in 2018, filling the streets from Columbus Drive to Federal Plaza and beyond. The day wasn’t quite as warm as last year, but the crowd of demonstrators was enormous and the energy was palpable. My impression of the 2017 march, coming one day after the president’s disturbing “American Carnage” inaugural address, was a widespread sense of amazement and relief. Amazement at the unexpectedly gigantic crowd which had assembled, combined with relief in the realization by the people marching that they were not alone. This year’s march, to me, was suffused with a sense of purpose and a dedication to action. “Grab them by the midterms!” was a common slogan on the signs. The women marching, and their allies, were proclaiming their commitment to making a difference at the polls this November. 

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