Matthew Kaplan Photography

Southeast: A City Within a City" at the Field Museum - April 29th, 2023

Th film Southeast: A City Within a City" had a screening at the Field Museum which I was fortunate to attend.

If you're interested in Chicago's southeast side, and you haven't seen this great work, still in progress, by Steven Walsh and his colleagues, make a point of tracking down the next showing.

Steven's grandfather, Roger "Coco" Gomez, provides the haunting live music, and his life story is a through line of the narrative.

I've seen it four times now and I'm ready for the next viewing.

Discussing the film after the Field Museum screening were the filmmaker, as well as artist Roman Villarreal, 10th Ward Alderwoman Sue Garza and Professor Christine Walley. All four grew up on the southeast side, as did Steven's grandfather. All of them experienced first-hand the economic, environmental and social traumas which the rapid departure of Chicago's steel industry inflicted on their community. Check it out.

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