Matthew Kaplan Photography

Southeast Side Pride Parade - Chicago - June 25th, 2021

Chicago's Southeast Side showed its pride on Friday evening, with the 10th Ward's first Gay Pride march. Mustering under the Skyway Bridge, near the banging freight trains and heavy traffic at 100th Street, the small group of joyful celebrants, organized and led by Bridges//Puentes Justice Collective of the Southeast, marched south along Ewing Avenue, attracting some stares and many cheers from their neighbors, and appreciative horn honking from passing cars. After stopping for a quick dance in the middle of a busy intersection, the marchers turned east and finished the happy parade with an all ages party at the banquet room of the Crow Bar, on 106th St. "We don't have to go all the way to the north side to find our home. We can find our home right here!" explained Crystal of Bridges//Puentes, addressing the group at the end of the march. Another participant, Destiny Salazar, expressed the sentiment I'm sure all agreed with, "No matter what you are, or who you love, you matter"

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