Matthew Kaplan Photography

First Women's March - January 21, 2017 - Chicago

After the heavy darkness of the “American Carnage” address, and the nihilism of the inaugural evening protests at Trump Tower, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the next day’s Woman’s March. A hint of what was to come was the packed CTA car I squeezed into at the Berwyn el stop. So many people and signs were jammed into the car that it was impossible to move. Most every rider was heading to the march. When we finally made it downtown and I got out at Monroe St. I was awestruck by the crowd that had taken over the Loop and Grant Park. I’ve never seen a protest so large, so good natured and so purposeful. The warm and sunny weather, quite unexpected for mid-January, gave the protest a festive mood, and everyone there seemed to be relieved and exhilarated in the knowledge that they weren’t alone. That in fact they were part of a concerned majority who won’t let this administration normalize hate and misogyny.

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